Friday, 2 March 2012


its our 2 month !
since 3 january until now. alhamdulillah :)
without i realise it everything just go from time to time
after all through those happiness and sadness
both of us are able to keep our relationship together
thank you ALLAH 
nothing else that i can say at this time
for you sayang . .
if yesterday you can live without me
i believe that you manage to hold yourself 
even if i cant be by your side all the time when you need me
i believe in you k :')

im really sorry because i make you cry
i dont want to see those tears come from your eyes
im sorry because im not able to make you happy 
im sorry if my words hurt you so much
i will never blame on you if you wanna scold me
its just because i dont wanna lose you

dont worry about me
dont worry about those little things
just remember and appreciate those memories that we had created together before

i need you
i miss you
i love you


♔Lady Ainaa♔ said...

Semoga kekal abadi hingga ke syurga.. Aminn... Happy2 always. . Sweet sgt both of you

asyraf oppa said...

tq aina :)
everyone deserve to have their own happiness :D