Wednesday, 18 April 2012


its  already at the end
once in the past time before i really wished that this day will come quickly
but desperately it is so sad till now that those moment will end in just a blink of eye
yup i dont care about it anymore
i miss them
i miss every single moment when we are together
i just wish that i had a replay button so that i can rewind those memories again
i really want to feel it again
please . . please and please . .
i can only begging just now
but we all know that time cannot be rewind again and again
my dearest friend . .
hopefully all of you always be happy and success in your life
pray the best for me too
always keep in touch

till the end.


Anonymous said...

wow..nmpk mcm best jer kn..nie semua classmate u ek??

asyraf oppa said...

yup :)

Asilah Azhar said...

besar itu kek. sodapnya