Wednesday, 11 July 2012

yeah its quite long time for me not to touch this blog
im sorry :)
currently right now im staying at jengka for my extra semester 
haish why i had to stay here while my other friends already enjoy their holiday
deep in my heart im totally down with myself
but whatever happen i need to continue my life
and for the most important thing i need to finish my study 
so that i will manage to get my own diploma
hopefully i will manage to accomplish that.
insyaAllah :)

so far i dont think much about what i want to do after graduate soon
because for me what i should do now is more important that what will happen in the future
but in the future i wanna be a successful contractor like my own brother
how can be i be like him?
let the time determine it. huhu
well then, wassalam.


Abdul Rahman said...

weh jngn susah hati..teruskan berkayuh... releks2 je aku pon tak sambung blaja lagi nie..aku tggu ko... yok degree sama2.....

asyrafasha'ari said...

mg nk smbg degree kos pe?aku rse kalo smbg civil aku mmg da xde hrpn la.aku ade mmber ckp better amek safety.pluang kerja bnyk n gaji pn blh thn jgk la